Technology warfare and its relationship to Bitcoin price action

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Hello dear reading public, again with you all in this opportunity to share updated and contextualized information with the behavior of the Bitcoin price action and its relationship with the voices of technological warfare that has been unleashed in the world.

When I say, that Bitcoin's price action is related to the voices of technological warfare that has been unleashed in the world, I am referring specifically to the certain fact of the U.S. government's policies of placing Bitcoin at the forefront of the technological battle it is waging with China.

Recall that the United States is on a mission to take China off the microchip manufacturing map, and let's keep in mind that White House spokespersons have revealed their plans with the Chip or Semiconductor Act that President Joe Biden recently signed, a situation that according to some analysts was the trigger for Bitcoin's price action to soar.

Now then, and a bit for context on Tuesday 06 the U.S. Department of Commerce published its strategy to lead the microchip industry, indispensable for the operation of Bitcoin mining equipment (ASICs) and altcoins (video cards).

The truth is that, in the face of the measure adopted by the U.S. Department of Commerce on the issue of leading the microchip industry, Bitcoin's price action immediately began upward movements that today keep it above $21,600.


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