Thoughts About The Metaverse (Technological Human Enslavement!?)

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Hi Hive & Humanity,

besides using this Metaverse virtual reality
mask maybe for a flight simulator for pilots e.g.,
is there anything good about it? For the masses of
the people & children?!
You "lock yourself out" of reality to "dive" into virtual reality,
your body degenerates, and you didn't even start discovering
this reality or your mind,body&soul, connected to Mother Earth if
you open your heart (chakra).

Ok, c'mon...

...if you live healthy & play your favorite video game 1 hour/per day,
you control technology,and not vice versa, then go ahead
and have fun with one of those beauties...😅
Honestly, don't these headsets look stupid as hell!?😄

Sad but true...

...the last pic is/was reality. Mandatory & enforced "vaccination"
of children with the help of virtual reality!!? That's child abuse.Sick.

Time to Heal the World...

....Organic, Wholistic & Conscious, far away from "technology traps",
but closer to Mother Earth.🌎 🌻

Screenshots taken from

Screenshot from 2022-01-17 14-20-29.png

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Screenshot from 2022-01-17 14-19-46.png

Screenshot from 2022-01-17 14-19-37.png

Thank You For Your Attention 🙏

Protect the Children, Protect Life.

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