Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

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Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain


I wish I could say the same for Australia. Currently people are losing their jobs hand over fist as businesses mandate the jab. Then in Victoria they are desperately trying to be heard to overturn a proposal to give the premier full dictatorial powers at the declaration of a pandemic. It's already gotten through the lower house and we're hoping the upper house can stop it. If not, then I don't see it being long before the rest of Australia falls.

Ya, Australia started as a prison colony, and hasn't really ever broken out of that it seems.

Certainly, the countries where the masses are disarmed are far more screwed than places where the masses are pretty much all armed (USSA, Mexico, Russia, etc.)

Definitely time to hop off the island; I know a lot of Aussies have been fleeing to Mexico lately.

Easier said than done. Not everyone can afford to or are able to get around regulations designed to stop us leaving the country.

Good news...thanks for sharing...funny end of the video..😉

My pleasure!

Ya, got a new phone a few weeks ago, and the record/stop button is just ever so slightly in a different place from my last one :-P

Yeah, but that made the video a bit more unique...😊

Hopefully a final verdict within USA 'll show the direction for the rest of the world. This hold on it gives some hope...

That would be great!

I'm gearing up to head to Mexico, at least for a few months, myself. Pretty standard South for the Winter kind of thing... but it is looking better and better down there, so who knows.

i try tovdodge any news forvthe past year or so..

That's been a good method for about as long as I've been alive :-P

When somebody sends me a link that is more hopeful, or just really ridiculous, I like to share those :-)

And, at least over on Odysee, I get way more views for things with in-the-news tags/headlines, so I've gotta do one every now and then to keep growing over there haha.