Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

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Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain


I don't know if we have ever spoken to eachother but about a year ago my county in North Carolina decided that we were no longer going to comply with Federal or State mandates regarding masks, social distancing, closures of non essential businesses etc. The Sheriff and his deputies sided with us and we have been living life like we did before Covid took over the world. We were told that we were all going to die or at the least overwhelm the hospitals. None of this happened.

Nice! Ya, there are a lot of places like that.

I traveled more last year than the previous few (mostly to show people you could still travel), and ID didn't fall for it (except Boise), neither did most of AZ, ND, SD, WY, and on and on. Probably about 85% of Mexico is business as usual as well.

That's one of the things that makes no sense how people are falling for it too - we can see that regardless of lockdowns or mandates, no giant wave of deaths or anything.

Man Kenny its getting so crazy, and so many are talking like Covid is a death sentence. I keep seeing, "If you don't get vaccinated, you are going to be on a breathing machine!", or the unvaccinated should be turned down at the hospital, and so on. Then the constant pressure from people I barley know about getting the vaccine. I even had this one lady who can barely count $ tell me to get vaccinated.

How is it not statist zombies who blindly trust profiteering plutocrats with their own health and want to control ours at this point. I cant be too mad. The TV/mass media influence over the mind is strong and my traumas from this mirror world has allowed me freedom from the illusion of the state caring about us or our health.

People are coming around to at least respecting consent and individual choice as well as applying it to masks. It has been hard biting my lip when people, often yelling or talking down, go on mindless rants using main stream talking points all the while refusing the same sourced info regarding how they vaccines are plain old ineffective and causing the variants. Its pure unadulterated cognitive dissidence. Its like winning the gold medal and losing a loved one at the same time.

All opinions aside it as been quite the distraction as google locked up most college books worldwide, banks got bailed out, Hyper inflating our dollar with stimulus is now the only way our country survives? Nevermind what little we have left is being funneled outside of the country. And now investment firms are buying up the houses? It's bonkers.

Living in coastal silicon valley im sure doesn't help. Just like Vegas is ground zero for big corporate buiz and black rock you are ground zero for the failed technocratic elites policies and the technocrats themselves. Yikes.

Anyways, stay strong in preserving your choice and standing up for others.

Oh and @kennyskitchen no big news on the crypto world?


its still like being on the outside of a move set. my closest friend knows a lot of the realityand he's still talking about how he may have to take the vaccine to keep his job. I swear I wanted to bitch slap some sense into him. Using the FoI system seems to make authorities nervous I've been digging and a not found any replys other than "no data on isolated virus" so submitting more of them is my next goal. Are you aware of any class actions or legal challenges underway in Australia? Sydney in particular?

I know someone who did this for their job but also did it to visit his wife in the Philippines.

I always look up to him for how he will do anything for his wife and respects her so much. I cant imagine loving your wife so much in a totalitarian country that just to visit now you need to be vaxxed like a dog.

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