Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

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Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain


... in most cases to realize that they have spent a LOT of time, energy, and money supporting institutions & programs that were openly evil, violent, and oppressive.

I just emailed @dbroze about volunteering in vegas for him... He has a proton email. This made me feel guilty, as anymore I know most proton users dont even want to click on gmail stuff. But now I am even more inspired to mitigate over to proton finally. Email isn't necessarily a big part of me but it starting to really bother me that Google is laced into my life like it is and how I am still using it knowing better.🤪

About your video...
How companies are using Ai to make decisions for them and how this tech is being utilized, makes it concerning when state laws are rapidly being changed to allow for large industrial corporate human composting centers? Seems chill too but man these large companies are driven by big money that drives the very depopulation agenda you speak of and incorporates Ai systems that are not human friendly necessarily.

Thanks for being there on Hive!

I always wonder about all the comments on CNN articles, or the comments about "vaccines work", never reply to me. They have to be bots, right?

Lack of @guysofcannabis with your facebook content probably.


All kidding aside is that facebook wont notify the people your commenting on that you commented. Also doing so will nuke your facebook, insta, twitter or youtube. I full stop deactivated my account once Convid started happening and I saw that all my friend and coworkers went from "its all good just two weeks" to "buy toilet paper and stay locked down for ever!"

I saw everyone I knew become NPCs and calling me the devil for presenting facts. I saw facebook being used from a propaganda machine to self reporting Gulag request form

Glad I was able to get my health back enough to be fully involved with Hive.

Yeah ive been off FB for a while. But recently got on Twitter, which is a big mistake. All i do is get angry. I know it can not be healthy.

Dude its that algo. Its designed to radicalize ya and make your express yourself in a angry way... If you think freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is worth embodying.

But yet if your a lazy statist commie you got good feelings and empowered to be a mindless troll echoing Mass Media talking points and not facts. Much like a Mockingbird.

Yeah that place is a cess pool.

Twitter is mostly bad but not as bad as youtube and the kid stuff