COVIDiot Antics #5 - "We're Not Like Nazis! We're Just Following Orders!"

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So I was scrolling through the White Rose's telegram channel (because it's always uplifting to see pictures of anti-cabal propaganda being put up all around the world), and I stumbled across this article from the Toronto City News.

Immediately I thought, "This must be satire, there's no way these people seriously just said that." If you look closely, they manage to only put one sentence as a buffer between these two statements:

The flyer also compared teachers’ compliance to the Nuremberg trials of Nazi Germany.

“The narrative blames teachers for the conditions in schools, although we are powerless,” she said of the flyers. “The Ministry and Boards tell us what to do and we do it.”

The un-named teacher then goes on to say "It’s been a tough year … we’ve had so many changes and we’ve really pivoted to what the Board and the Ministry have wanted effectively and with a smile on our face for our kids, even though we cry at home." That's right, this teacher even makes it clear that they know what they are doing is wrong (crying about it at home), and still holds to this idea that they are nothing like the Nazis because they are just "following orders."

The article's got to be a joke right? That's literally the definition of the findings at the Nuremberg trials, where it was clearly stated that:

The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.

As someone who doesn't support violence, coercion, oppression, or control of others, I'm quite used to hearing brainwashed slaves say things like this, when defending road pirates, or corporate soldiers killing children around the world, or ICE/CPS agents kidnapping children... but they usually don't put it out in the media in such an obvious way.

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