COVIDiot Antics #4 - Reprogramming Your Body to PRODUCE Coronavirus... (mRNA Gene Therapy)

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In case you missed it, I did already do a much deeper dive into the "vaccines" they're pushing for last year's flu, specifically focusing on the fact that they literally re-defined the word vaccine last month...

Now, if we look at the marketing materials (the news, CDC, WHO, etc) that Bill Gates has spent billions on, to promote his experimental gene therapy, then we see that their whole claim is based around the idea that "spike proteins" can help your body build immunity, but can't actually get you sick.

So, the obvious step is to inject people with a new gene editing technique, to force their bodies to produce these coronavirus spike proteins, right?

Obviously I've called out the stupidity (and the sci-fi-movie level danger & hubris involved), but I hadn't ever thought of the so, so simple question: If you can make the spike proteins, and they give immunity, why not just inject people with that? Why use a brand new experimental technique to trick people's bodies into producing them?

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The authorities wouldn't lie to us! That's why they are the authorities, duh. Sure, Bill Gates has been recorded many times about the World being overpopulated and sure he's responsible for tens of thousands of reported deaths in various underdeveloped Countries, but why all the negativity? And Fauci's 180 degree changes in advice and even dishonesty are because he's not only managing our physiological health for us, but also our psychological health. It's quite a juggle to try to keep us from panicking and give us all this great advice on how to stay alive! Sure, governments around the world are using the plan- I mean- pandemic to increase government power, but - as usual - it's the same thing as when parents sacrifice the freedom of their children in order to keep them safe. Exactly the same. So stop complaining and coming up with wild theories that are killing grandmas!

Have you seen the show Utopia?

All about a billionaire eugenicist who creates a fake pandemic to sell the masses a sterilization shot. Released in 2020.


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