Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

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Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain


Thank you for your continued work on this subject.

The CDC is only withdrawing from one of the PCR tests. I believe this is a kind of controlled opposition - by telling us one of the tests is not reliable, our confidence in the others is raised. NONE of the tests are reliable, and it's important that we keep sight of that.

Ah, yes that is an intriguing take on it. Something of a limited hangout, if they spin it that way.

@kennyskitchen interesting information. I hope you are correct. I went to the archives site and saw the report, copied and pasted it to my FB feed where Uncle Suckabug will probably censor it, but I included the link as well, so they can't say I made it up.

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It is unreal. I don't even know what to say anymore to this stuff. I am in Las Vegas Nevada and I am watching people becoming exponentially more uncivilized and not even able to drive anymore. So what can you even say to facts when you are a de-personed for even uttering them; internet or real life.

So when there are people still standing up for what is morally right like yourself, they need to be recognized and stood next to side by side in the fight for liberty, freedom and the golden rule.

I know pretty intense ramblings for a 2min Convid brain swab test video.

I like the setup. Easy to watch, with infographics on screen just like with luke and Last american vagabond and etc.


While I haven't done a good job in researching this because I don't really think it is worth my time getting worked up over, I remember hearing that the inventor or one of the minds behind the PCR test was opposed to it being used this way and then he mysteriously died a bit later. Is that right?

On another note I sincerely hope that the history books in the future will expose this period of time as the biggest fraud ever pulled on the entire world.

Yep, Kary Mullis loudly stated many times that the PCR is an amplification tool, not a diagnostic tool, and should not be used fro diagnostics, because you can find anything with it if you run enough cycles.

I hope they do not pull another trick later on, saying "well the PCR is false, so the real deal is the vaccine" and then make global mandatory vaccination.