So, Amazon Released a Show About a Billionaire Creating a Fake Pandemic in Order to Sell a Vaccine to Sterilize the Masses...

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That's right, just last year Amazon released the show Utopia, Which revolves around a band of pretty normal people, who through the messages embedded in a comic book, find themselves facing off against a huge conspiracy.

What is that conspiracy?

Simple of course, there is a multi-billionaire whose businesses include vaccines & fake meat, who has created a fake pandemic, in order to scare the world's population into taking a "vaccine" that will stop human reproduction for 3 generations.

Early on, we see this billionaire and his family sitting down for dinner, and they go around the table asking each other "What have you done today to earn your place in this crowded world?"

If that sociopathic Malthusianism wasn't enough, it seems like everyone on the show is terrified & obsessed with "viruses" (though all the epi-/pandemics they mention were fake ones created by Neil Ferguson & the media hype machine), and I couldn't even get past two episodes because the show is so dark, sadistic, and emotionally manipulative.

This seems like a case of super obvious predictive programming/putting the agenda out there in the open - combined with insanely dark programming for whoever allows themselves to watch it.

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It's a farce or a comedy, surely...

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I believe you can see the UK version from 2013 on Amazon too. The IMDB rating for the UK version is 8.4 with 42k ratings. Compare that to the US version, which is a shaky 6.7 with only 10.5k ratings. I may have to watch both now to see how they've updated the propaganda. Taking care of what you feed your mind is a wise idea, especially during these dark days. It might be too late for me, unless they invent the spotless mind device from the Jim Carrey movie.

Yeah I felt similarly as you do about this show.
I'm glad you are telling people about it because maybe it will "wake up" some!
As far as enjoyment: I loved and hated it.
I saw it when it first came out, ?a year or less ago? and forget what I loved/hated.
I do know I was tempted a few times to stop watching it but I powered through.

Well, seems the fear is pumped into us from so many different channels nowadays, and we are much more easily controlled when stricken with fear.

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