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RE: Isn't it a little scary how we take what the "authorities" tell us for granted as being the truth even in the face of catching them frequently in lies... Can we break the conditioning?

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Indeed there has been many assumption on the CO2 emission and most time they are attributed to bitcoin. The question is , aren't there other actions that leads to release of CO2 ? What of gas flaring and other industrial actions ? .
Most times these are aimed at spreading fear in people with the aim of destroying something that they cannot control .


Yes... yet CO2 levels increasing some may actually be a good thing if we want a greener planet. That is something that is conveniently ignored.

Also every time their claims and models fail they simply move the goal post, make a new prediction, and try to make certain people don't remember the previous predictions they made that did not come to pass.

EDIT: Also bitcoin can be mined with "green" sources as well but if you research the so-called "green" sources they are often ultimately far more damaging to the environment than that which they replace.