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RE: We can fix the insanity of climate change, but should we?

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we move from science to pure politics

I used to think it was politics, but it's worse. It's depopulation. They believe the final solution to climate change is the final solution. Only the "enlightened" can be allowed to continue living on this earth... because they (of the beast system) will say "mother" earth is sentient. They will give their idol earth image "breath". Our buddy Al, even says so in the beginning of this clip. "It's as if the entire earth once each year, breaths in and out."

She breaths (they say), she feels (they will say) and someday the beast will give their earth goddess idol image a mouth to speak (so they will say), they will say that she says humans are parasites and must be exterminated, unless they worship her. Worship the image of the earth... well you get the point.


The liberal leaders are possessed, and espouse pure evil! A 'goddess' is perfectly in line with their insanity, as they do anything to tear down the one true GOD.

Their true worship is the Devil, but many demons will use any guise to achieve their goal of full apostasy. This is the falling away listed in Revelation, so it is expected in the end times! But I don't have to like it....

Stay safe!


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