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RE: We can fix the insanity of climate change, but should we?

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Just imagine all of that amazing carbon that you are storing in the soil and using to grow delicious snacks with....

Ironically you can actually go all the way up to 30% and you get a ton of benefits.


They are saying now that a thousand years ago, bio-char was used in Brazil for food growth, which resulted in the rain forest.

Others say the bio-char was the result of Forrest fires. But forest fires don't act like this now!


Either way it's some good stuff. This definitely makes even your weeds valuable.

Yes, I'm working to get it into my aquaponics systems. They say they aren't compatible, but I think I've figured out how to do it! First, I'll try it on one system only, just in case. But it should work well, and precharge the bio-char too!


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