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Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. Artificial intelligence can be summed up in the simplest terms, enabling computer software or machines to analyze information and adapt it to the situation. To make the best decision.
Apparently, artificial intelligence has many benefits, but scientists are also afraid of it. Leading researcher Professor Stephen Hawking, speaking in an interview with the BBC, said that he believed that the development of a complete artificial intelligence would destroy the human race.

"Once humans have created it, its evolution will continue on its own and humans will not be able to cope with it due to their slow biological evolution.
Below we will tell you some facts about artificial intelligence, by knowing which you can better understand it.


  1. Robots can be designed to predict the future.

They are more powerful than humans and can be a great threat to our civilization. Scientists fed millions of news stories about Osama bin Laden in a supercomputer Nautilus, which estimated the location of Osama bin Laden with an accuracy of 200 km. Similarly, the artificial intelligence system called MogIA had accurately predicted the last three US elections and Donald Trump's presidency.

  1. Man-invented artificial intelligence is superior to humans in performance and can completely replace humans. The artificial intelligence system developed by Oxford University scientists read the movement of human lips better than humans. Artificial intelligence has beaten humans in strategy games, it can read better, it can write legal contracts better, it can even write more songs.
  1. A very intelligent machine can create an advanced machine, its software can write more intelligently and this process can continue continuously. Facebook has designed the chat box to communicate with each other. Soon these chat boxes will be talking to each other in their own way.
  2. Robots are now being granted citizenship. This process has made the threat of robotic rule on humans real.

In 2017, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot named Sofia for the first time.

  1. People are less emotionally attached to other humans because of their emotional attachment to machines and robots. Many military bombs attach to disposable robots so much that they treat them like human figures.
  2. Artificial intelligence can tell if a person is gay or not by looking at a picture.
  1. Any human being can be killed by programming an automatic car powered by artificial intelligence.
  2. Artificial intelligence can turn people away from reality. Death is a great reality of human life but now artificial intelligence has provided another option. Simulations of people dying from artificial intelligence are being developed.
  3. Due to artificial intelligence, the fields of law, medicine and finance are no longer considered conducive to human activity.
  4. At present, there is a general scientific theory among scientists that in the next few decades, due to artificial intelligence, human beings will become immortal or disappear from the face of the earth.

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