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RE: Food for thought: Short image... to the point. Something to think about.

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백신에 대한 공포가 확산되고 있고, 그것 때문에 실제로 백신을 맞겠다는 사람의 비율이 줄어들고 있습니다.
백신이 과연 효과가 있으며, 집단면역이 가능한지에 대해서는 논쟁이 있겠지요. 과학자 대부분이 인정하는 것과, 소수의 과학자가 인정하는 것이 서로 다를 경우 우리는 무엇을 따라야 할까요?


The fear of vaccines is spreading, and because of that, the percentage of people who will actually get the vaccine is decreasing.
There will be debate as to whether the vaccine really works, and whether it is possible to have mass immunity. What should we follow when the recognition of most scientists and the recognition of a small number of scientists are different?

That is what Google Translator tells me you wrote.

You should not go off of purely consensus. You should never blindly follow anyone. You should do your own research and make the best choice for yourself based upon how you perceive the language and whom you decide to trust or not trust.

The choice should be yours.