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RE: Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Joins Elon Musk & Other Technocrats In Publicly Pushing SYNTHETIC WOMBS Because We Need More Humans! The War on The Mother Continues.

in Informationwar7 months ago

A wonderful reply to their twisted logics...I only wish they could see this post


Unfortunately none of my most salient posts gain traction on Twitter at all. If they do then the accounts that promote them tend to get deleted! Interestingly, I passed on a Joe Rogan based meme recently that did go viral and Elon Musk remade it and tweeted it himself 24h and 1 minute later. I'll leave the enquiry into the maths of that to you all!

I'm still going to share it, who knows, they might be silently reading it...😃

Thanks! I think you'd be surprised by who is really reading posts like this.. The issue is that they prevent it's spread, thanks for helping!