There is a problem known as the Department of "Just Us" and that is becoming more obvious as days go by.

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We no longer have a Department of Justice. We have a Department of "Just Us". If you are a Leftist, Marxist, Democrat, Woke, etc. then you might be able to break laws without consequence. If you are not part of that group then you likely can have your life destroyed based upon allegations and the complete violation of any semblance of "due process" or your rights.


We have an increasing push of the US vs THEM dichotomy. If you are US then you cannot be held accountable. You can be threatened. You can be investigated. Yet nothing is likely to happen other than talking and show. However, if you are part of the THEM group someone can make a claim about you without any verification, citation, proof, etc. You can then be fired, cancelled, jailed, and dragged through court so you are made destitute by attempting to defend yourself. If they throw THEM into jail pending a trial you can sit there for months and maybe years without your case being heard, without evidence, and they may even deny you bail.

US versus THEM

Most of the United States citizens are not part of the US crowd. They simply do not see it because the US crowd also dominates virtually all the media. They dominate the messages that most people hear. They are really good at amplifying the narrative and things they want people to believe. This makes the US seem like they are the majority. It makes them seem like they are the "consensus". Which is a word they love to combine with "science" which is not within the scope of the Scientific Method (Unless you recognize the authority of those that decided to modify it in the 1970s).

Yet if you dig enough and study for awhile you start to see the fakeness of that narrative.

It is smoke and mirrors.

It is propaganda.

It is manipulation.

It is mind control.

It is a lie!

It is lie upon lie. It is circular citations.

Do you realize how totally destroyed and violated the U.S. Constitution has been for years now? It is all but meaningless at this point.

I frequently see videos of Republican Congressmen or Senators grilling someone in congress and people are cheering saying "They asked the tough questions and the Leftist couldn't answer..." [1]

So what?

Who cares? If they are not going to be held accountable then it is just talk and show. It is just a show to keep the masses appeased. It is to make us think someone is doing something.

Yet it has been years and the "Just Us" crowd seems to go on unscathed...

The untouchables...

The Lords and Ladies...

Those of us in the THEM crowd are the Serfs, Peons, and Slaves.

Let THEM talk all they want. Let THEM investigate all they want. If there is no action, no accountability, no follow thru with threats, no enforcement, then it is all just political show.

We can talk about electing another great congressman, or senator.

To do what?

Talk. Say words we like to hear? Challenge criminals with more words and investigations as those criminals sit there trying really hard not to laugh into their faces?

They likely are thinking...

"What are you going to do about it? That's what I thought... nothing."

The only cost they pay is perhaps a little public humiliation. They may be ridiculed by some memes.

Yet they become wealthier. They can double down and commit more crimes. They have seen that no one has the teeth or intention to stop them.


Arizona audit is a good example. They found massive information and some of the people committing crimes they literally have them on camera destroying records. Yet we've had people on camera committing election related crimes since the election day, and in some cases in the weeks before. Virtually none of the "US crowd" has been held accountable. I think there may have been a few very small one offs that were not people in the lime light or with any real political power, wealth, or prestige. They threw us a bone...

I saw today about all the people grilling the Attorney General Garland today and places praising the amazing questions asked.[1] Again... so what? They asked more questions. Political show. Is anyone in jail? Did the AG have to resign? Did anyone of significance have to resign?


Fauci lied many times to Congress under oath. It has been proven several times.[1]|[2] Is he held accountable? The things he lied about are directly related to the entire lockdown, plandemic, the loss of life, the loss of rights, and the destruction of the global economy. With what has been discovered the man should have been swinging from gallows quite some time ago. Yet he still holds his position. He still continues to issue edicts and demands. Nothing has happened to him but talk. While what he has done and continues to do has done massive harm...


If you are part of THEM like I am. What do we do? I could say some things but these days speaking anything like that is a quick way to put yourself on the list of people to be imprisoned, disappeared, etc. with no due process. That is part of the breaking process. Break us down...

I took steps to move somewhere I'd be better able to defend my family, and myself. Yet I am still watching. I don't feel I have the skills necessary to truly do what likely needs to be done. If things go far enough I suspect the choice may be removed.


The corruption runs deep in the just us system of the deep state. I pray we will drain the swamp.

I am concerned we may not be able to drain it by playing within the system. The tree of liberty may need to be watered. I am increasingly thinking that is inevitable since those who are trying to fight it within the system and are in positions of power don't actually seem to be able to do anything other than talk, interview, and investigate. If they find crimes I've yet to see anyone be held accountable. Just more talking.

don't actually seem to be able to do anything other than talk, interview, and investigate.

This is what is maddening to me. We hear almost daily about such and such person being caught red-handed doing something they are not supposed to do. It normally relates to money or positions of power but the only thing that ever happens is someone on the other side of the political divide gets some camera time for themselves and then..... nothing.