There are people requesting that we sign their petition for more audits? Why?

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This morning as I was reading through various news sites I hadn't gotten very far into my morning drink when I encountered AZ State Rep Mark Finchem requesting people sign a petition to start an audit in Pima county.


The thing that quickly went through my mind was "Why bother?"

They already have found evidence way beyond what was necessary to invalidate and decertify the 2020 election in Arizona. They have caught people committing crimes and have the evidence. Yet none of them are held accountable. Nothing changes.

To me these audits at this point are nothing more than the carrot dangling in front of us on a pole that play with our minds as these politicians make us think "Now maybe they'll do something, maybe we can return to the rule of law, and an equal justice system". You could also view it as a fishing pole and we are chasing the lure.

I often think of it much like a professional wrestling match as well. A nice scripted story to keep the crowd engaged. Yet behind the scenes it is planned, scripted, and fake.

Enough talk...

I am beyond the point where hearing people say they are going to do another audit does anything but anger me. Not because I think the election cycle in 2020 was fair. I know it was the most corrupt election period in United States history and it was just the beginning. I am just weary of talk, interviews, bills, and audits. None of these things matter if there is no action. None of these things matter if their is no accountability.

If you catch a person committing a crime then prove it quickly in court and hold them accountable. Do this regardless of their political affiliation, or their level of wealth.

Lady justice cured of blindness is renamed Lady corruption

Justice must be blind. It must not be based upon who you voted for. It must not be based upon whether you agree with a narrative or not. It must not be based upon how wealthy you are.

If it is based upon any of those things it is not justice. It is corruption, tyranny, and authoritarian.

I want justice and equal treatment even for the people I despise. In fact I especially want it for them because then perhaps people cannot accuse me of hanging someone due to my own bias.

I don't shout "Good because they were Antifa!" if a crime was committed against someone in Antifa. Sure there may be an element of karma at play but, karma has no place in a justice system that is blind and unbiased.

I don't shout "Leave him alone he was killing Leftists!" if a crime was committed by someone I like. If the evidence is there and it can be proven then hold that person accountable.

If you only think the law should be enforced when you don't like the target then you are part of the problem.

If you think the law should be ignored when you like the person that committed the crime then you are part of the problem.

Yet there is more

This is not the only problem at the moment in this increasingly multi-tiered justice system.

Some groups of people can be imprisoned simply on allegations for a very long time and effectively have their career, their family, and by extension their lives either destroyed or potentially irreparably harmed. They are not given either due process or the "right to a speedy trial".

They can be financially destroyed by allegations.

This type of attack seems to be heavily targeted against anyone that is perceived as challenging ANY official narrative. We have an increasing number of forbidden topics. They are treated as though a lightning bolt ripped from the sky and wrote them into tablets of stone with the words "Thou shall not question" with a loud thunder clap and a boom. Then anyone that dare speak up or ask questions will be treated like a blasphemer, heretic, witch, infidel, apostate, terrorist, denier, racist, supremacist, or conspiracy theorist. They have been given a label and now they can be burned at the proverbial stake. They have no right to a trial. Stick them in a hole and tell their families that their court day will come. Keep telling them that. As their family spends all of their savings trying to free the person from the hole eventually they will be out of money and you will have destroyed a nest of witches!!!

You may not see the big burning pyres with the bodies thrown upon them but they are there. You may not see the gas chambers that the people are being marched into to die but they are there. You may not see the mass graves with bodies being thrown into in piles but they are there. You may not see the clouds from mass crematorium activity but they are there.

They just likely take other forms. They are not exactly those things. The end results and the justifications for them are similar to all of those things.


If you cannot question it then it is not science. Asking questions is at the root of the scientific method. Without questions there is no science. Without the ability to challenge, confirm, remove, or improve there can be no science. It is very easy to see when the path of "science" is being veered from. As soon as you cannot challenge something or ask questions without dire consequences then you no longer have science. As soon as we are told the number of people that believe a thing makes it true (aka consensus) it is no longer science other than to some twisted books written in the late 20th century that cobbled consensus into the scientific method and by extension corrupted it. Consensus has no place in the scientific method. If everyone in the world with exception of one person believed something that was false and that lone person believed the thing that turned out to be true. The lone person would be correct. This is also true of science.

These days the politicians and corrupt power holders use the word "science" to keep us in line. They increasingly hand out grant money to people that give the results they desire not necessarily the results that are accurate. This has corrupted the scientific community to a staggering level. The average people see it and they blame science.

The scientific method remains. It is simply a tool. If people use wood to craft a building we do not call that masonry. Likewise if people follow dogmatic ideology and narratives we should not call that science.

If you cannot challenge it. It has ceased to be science. It is dogma.

It is difficult to move science forward if we petrify it and demand that it not be allowed to change or move. If the science is settled then it is not science. It is stagnation. It is petrification. It is dogma.


I realize I kind of veered in different directions in this post. This is just what flowed from me. It is what I felt like writing today. I have not been writing a lot as getting everything setup in my new house, new community, on my property, and getting used to working my job at home in a new environment has been keeping me pleasantly busy.

I am certain I'll have moments where I am very busy writing. For now I will write when I feel the calling to do so.

I am not gone...

I have been powering down but I eventually will stop. I needed to use some of those funds to help recover from the moving expenses. I will only power down for a bit and then I will stop. I would not do so if the need was not there. I am not doing so like I did with steemit with any ideas of leaving here. It is temporary.


It would be nice if all of this effort actually resulted in anything happening but the media, once the audit results were completed in Arizona immediately went down their predictable partisan-divide conclusions. The lefty organizations showcased the fact that "Biden still won!" without focusing on the fact that there was something like 40,000 ballots in this one county that if the shoe was on the other foot would have been attributed to Putin putting them there with his own hands.

I'm not at all surprised by the media reaction but if all they are going to do is find stuff and then do nothing about it, there really isn't any point to all of this. Well, maybe Texas will with their audit but then again, this is all just partisan stuff again. It has nothing to do with what is right or wrong but just with whether or not "my side" wins.

i haven't felt like our votes are actually counted for nearly 20 years. It's so easy to buy into conspiracy theories these days because our masters are just so terrible that it doesn't make sense that they would actually be there.

Election integrity has about as much credibility as Tegridy Farms on southpark... maybe less

And Californian's are gearing up for $0.08/mile tax for driving on public roadways.

California and New York seem to be in a competition... "The race to maximum crazy"

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