I'll trust them with this but not with that. Why trust them?

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In the current environment trust in the agencies that are supposed to protect us and the environment with their AUTHORITY given to them by the government is being challenged and found extremely wanting. In the United States the big ones that keep being challenged are the Food, and Drug Administration (FDA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institute of Health (NIH).


When it comes to COVID these agencies have intentionally dropped the ball. If you follow the money it becomes very clear why. They block inexpensive but effective treatments while approving only expensive and ineffective treatments. They report that testing mechanisms are unreliable and give false positives, cannot identify variants, and often cannot distinguish the difference between COVID and Influenza and yet they will say "These tests should no longer be used in six months" (Paraphrased). If this is true then why continue to use them at all?

At the same time they have become one of the many gatekeepers who trot out the label "misinformation" which these days is used to justify censorship, banning, deplatforming, firing, jailing, etc. Yet free speech does not have a clause for misinformation. Misinformation should be able to be spoken the same as any other information. It can be countered with words, reason, data, and observation. If you can't counter it and must instead ban it then perhaps it is you who are relying on misinformation and not the people you are targeting.

Lately many things are now being reported as truth and factual as part of the official narrative that in the past have already been used to destroy people and information for being "misinformation". Yet now it is considered true by the GATEKEEPERS of truth. Do you understand what that means? If it is true now, it was true when it was being attacked as misinformation. That also means at the time people were being attacked it was the official narrative that was pushing the misinformation.

AUTHORITARIANS and TYRANTS need to be dealt with. Freedom is risky. Slavery is safe. I am okay with the risk.

Now one of the things I was thinking about as I was writing this was the implications of the corruption within these agencies.

If we cannot trust them with regards to their oversight of COVID procedures, etc. what makes us think we can trust them in other areas for which they have oversight? Wouldn't those areas also be subject to the same corruption?

Having seen what the FDA is doing with regards to COVID what does that say for the safety of our food and what they are allowing, and what they are blocking?

You see with COVID the FDA has been blocking effective inexpensive treatments. At the same time they have been pushing for very expensive largely ineffective and in many cases even deadly "treatments".

Why wouldn't they be doing the same with our food, and other drugs?

For me that is a pretty important thing to keep in mind.

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