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  1. Vaccines given Experimental Use Authorization (EUA).
  2. All of them immediately treated as effective.
  3. Only if you take one of them (pick any of them) are you given "vaccinated" ID/passport.

EXPERIMENTAL: I don't see any sign they expect failure. They also don't seem to care which one works best.

That is not scientific. It is Malevolent.

I didn't have much more to say than this. It is a thought that began in my last post and has been growing. I had to share this short post so my mind will hopefully free me to go onto other things.


The vaccines will end up being the pandemic... doctors and researchers are already noticing a "shedding" effect that is making non-vaxxed people sick-- including miscarriages, bleeding, infertility, pain, rashes, death-- just by being in sustained close vicinity to vaxxed people. Something VERY weird is going on. And yes, they are pushing an unapproved, experimental gene therapy and arbitrarily calling it "a vaccine". I will never take it.

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Agree 100%. I've written about some of this over the past month or so. Specifically the shedding. It is a big concern.

I hope that Hive never has the same type of censorship that has become oh so familiar with Facebook. Questioning the official narrative on there leads to shadowbans, canceled accounts, etc.

I am definitely not antivaccine, but it is crazy that we went from never having an mrna vaccine to having several in less than a year, having millions of people take them, to having people calling for them to be mandatory and criticizing anyone who is hesitant to take one before longterm studies can be completed.

Especially when you consider pregnant women are being encouraged to do this. Pregnant women have to ask their doctor for just about any medication because of the risks from side effects. They are told to avoid soft cheese, avoid scooping cat litter, and so much else and somehow these vaccines pose no risk?

I get that getting covid could be worse than a vaccine side effect, but in no way is that determined so quickly. How were women given thalidomide before they realized the dangers? You could say that there isn't any proof right now that these vaccines can cause longterm health effects for their babies, but absence of proof does not mean proof of absence.

I think taking a covid vaccine should be a choice that people can make as long as they know there are risks. If the risks outweigh the reward, then that is something they should be able to decide for themselves.

Unless you are elderly and very sick COVID is far from as dangerous as any of the vaccine side effects. Especially with HCQ or Ivermectin being available.

It didn't kill young people. The vaccines do.

백신에 대한 공포가 확산되고 있고, 그것 때문에 실제로 백신을 맞겠다는 사람의 비율이 줄어들고 있습니다.
백신이 과연 효과가 있으며, 집단면역이 가능한지에 대해서는 논쟁이 있겠지요. 과학자 대부분이 인정하는 것과, 소수의 과학자가 인정하는 것이 서로 다를 경우 우리는 무엇을 따라야 할까요?

The fear of vaccines is spreading, and because of that, the percentage of people who will actually get the vaccine is decreasing.
There will be debate as to whether the vaccine really works, and whether it is possible to have mass immunity. What should we follow when the recognition of most scientists and the recognition of a small number of scientists are different?

That is what Google Translator tells me you wrote.

You should not go off of purely consensus. You should never blindly follow anyone. You should do your own research and make the best choice for yourself based upon how you perceive the language and whom you decide to trust or not trust.

The choice should be yours.

I'm trying not to think this is an evil plot, but it just stinks to high heaven what is going on.

It is. It's pretty obvious. If our education system was not doing such a poor job of teaching people to think for themselves. Instead they teach them to give the "correct" answer. In math, and science that is pretty fixed. Yet these leftists tend to push it into everything... I think I'm going to go write a post about this rather than doing it here.