DIFFERENT: Giant humanoids have been legends for awhile, and Smithsonian and others have been alleged to be covering up... Ecuador goes public.

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This is not my normal fare. I was eating and my wife was telling me that she was reading about Ecuador going public and creating a display of a giant human in one of their museums. I had heard people talk about discoveries and how often places like the Smithsonian Institute would step in to investigate and the bones and finds would no longer be seen again. This is in the United States. The impression is that similar concealment of the topic has been occurring at other places in the world.

When my wife informed me of Ecuador I was inwardly nodding my head that it didn't surprise me it would be there. Why? When it comes to freedom I've been encountering more advocacy for freedom coming out of Ecuador over the past decade than pretty much anywhere else. Are they perfect? No. Would I want to move there? Not at the moment, but if I was forced to leave the United States they would be in the short list of places I would consider.

I am sitting here thinking they likely had some 10 to 11 foot tall specimen. I asked my wife "How big is it?"

She replied "36 feet". It is 7+ meters tall (actually more if it is 36 feet). I was surprised at that. I wasn't surprised to hear of such a skeleton but I did not expect it to be that large.

Now whether you believe it or not doesn't matter to me. I am not trying to convince you it is true. I simply found it interesting enough that I decided to do a post and share it with the rest of you.


The above image is from the article my wife found that is Ecuador shows the skeletons of a breed of giants 7 times more than a normal human Continue reading at https://news-intel.com/ecuador-shows-the-skeletons-of-a-race-of-giants-7-times-larger-than-normal-human/ | News Intel. The article is from 3 months ago so perhaps there has been a change since then.

I am going to do some further research to see what other articles are out there and if anything has changed. I am researching as I write this so I could determine it is fraudulent by the time I reach the end. We shall see.

(This photo could easily be fakes with camera angle)

From what little I know about anatomy and physics I would think there would be some very serious problems with a figure this large. That does enhance my skepticism in this case. Had they been 10 or 11 feet tall I'd be less skeptical. This big though I do admit to having my doubts. Gravity and anatomy seem like they would make a bipedal human of this size impossible. Perhaps some of you that know these things can back me up or tell me how it could be possible.

I am going to embed some youtube videos here related to this topic:

And some articles...

Giant 7 – 8 Foot Skeletons Uncovered in Ecuador sent for Scientific Testing

I would certainly find that far more plausible than 36 feet.

Hidden history revealed: 7-meter-tall giant skeletons on display

Similar to the one my wife found.


What you need to know about the lost city Of Giants in Ecuador


Ecuador Expose the Skeletons of an Ancient Race of Giant Humans – 7 Times Bigger Than Modern Humans - Archaeology News Network

Ecuador Expose the Skeletons of an Ancient Race of Giant Humans – 7 Times Bigger Than Modern Humans - Archaeology-World.com

I haven't found proof it is fake. A lot of different sites are talking about it. 36 feet seems not possible to me. I could see someone taking 7 feet and mistaking feet for meters and calling it 7 meters instead but even that is not 36 feet. Then the photos I keep seeing (same ones over and over an
I can think of ways you could fake them with camera angle and/or photoshop
) show something that would be 36 feet and that display area was stated to have been designed with displaying this skeleton in mind.

I'd love to hear more if any of you know anything.

EDIT: My wife just shared another link with me...
7 Examples of Proof that Giants Existed



I like spacebusters for stuff like this, they do all the ground work for you. I think the bit about giants is in this episode

One of your commenters mentioned the oxygen content being much higher which would explain bigger everything.

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Yes the Oxygen content is why we are told Dinosaurs were able to grow to be as big as they were. Though the carbon dating of some of these puts them potentially into a time period where the Oxygen content is not found to be that large.

It is kind of interesting they are fighting CO2 which plants need and thus greens the planet and by extension generates more oxygen.

They give us the image of a brown planet due to it being fried by runaway greenhouse effect due to CO2 when historically there have been times with higher levels. What they are doing can actually increase the brownness.

If the CO2 increases we actually could be higher and find it very beneficial. Of course anything can go too far but we are far from that an the narrative they are pushing is a lie.

Yes it sure is a big fat lie. You know they pump carbon dioxide INTO commercial greenhouses to make the crops grow better. Why do so few see that connection? Maybe they just want to monetize the air. They will try to make money out of EVERYTHING these fuckers. The problem is they are cutting down trees left right and centre which would make the carbon dioxide increase because it's not being converted to oxygen by the plants. We just need more trees.

If they succeed in reversing global warming at a time when we could use some global warming I'd expect ice sheets to grow and seas to lower. Think of all of that nice beach front property. :)

Look how many of these people getting rich off of the narrative of global warming (now climate change) that were warning of massive increase in sea level are now purchasing beach front homes. They are still pushing that narrative though.

Yes I did notice the beach front properties ruse, it was basically what made me start thinking it was a scam. That and the melting icecaps that weren't melting.

People have such short term memories. None of their predictions have come remotely true and for many of them the deadline has passed. Yet they keep moving the goal posts and saying it is worse.

Why? Short term memories. The propaganda works. Fear controls people.

yeh except us old folks who remember everything. I think thats why they're trying to kill us all off.

It could be.

I have queued up the video and will check it out here in a moment.

"As stated by J. B. S. Haldane, large animals do not look like small animals: an elephant cannot be mistaken for a mouse scaled up in size. This is due to allometric scaling: the bones of an elephant are necessarily proportionately much larger than the bones of a mouse, because they must carry proportionately higher weight. Haldane illustrates this in his seminal 1928 essay On Being the Right Size in referring to allegorical giants: "...consider a man 60 feet high...Giant Pope and Giant Pagan in the illustrated Pilgrim's Progress: ...These monsters...weighed 1000 times as much as [a normal human]. Every square inch of a giant bone had to support 10 times the weight borne by a square inch of human bone. As the average human thigh-bone breaks under about 10 times the human weight, Pope and Pagan would have broken their thighs every time they took a step."[5] Consequently, most animals show allometric scaling with increased size, both among species and within a species. The giant creatures seen in monster movies (e.g., Godzilla, King Kong, and Them!) are also unrealistic, given that their sheer size would force them to collapse."


Muscles can be more efficient at higher oxygen concentrations, so if the air contained more oxygen in the past humans could potentially have been substantially taller than we are now. Particularly if they kept the weight down.

Seems like of unrealistic to me but that doesn't mean it isn't interesting. I have never heard of this being mentioned by anyone before.

I've encountered it over the years. Though allegedly Ecuador has opened a museum attraction and is exhibiting one. It'd be interesting if someone here on hive from Ecuador could confirm or refute some of this.

Wait until they find that the Moai Easter Island heads were built to scale 1:1 haha