Science not allowed in discussion around Hamlin's sudden collapse

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Damar Hamlin collapsed suddenly during a football game last night and is currently on life support to keep him breathing. Debate about how this happened has already been shut down, and officials have announced it could not have anything to do with the Covid vaccines he took - even though this kind of thing essentially has never happened in the NFL after hundreds of thousands of games just like that one.


Science is never settled

The hallmarks of science are skepticism and open discussion. Science is never settled, and everything is always up for debate. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you know they haven't the first clue about science.

Within hours, debate had already been shut down on this issue... when it comes to Hamlin's vaccine status. Any connection to the mRNA shots is denied immediately and not even considered. But several major commentators and pundits have come out claiming "it definitely didn't have anything to do with the vaccine", and they are celebrated and allowed to continue spewing their baseless opinion. That's a clue.

The NFL has come out and said they can't discuss Hamlin's vaccine status for "privacy reasons". But remember a year ago, when any professional athlete who hadn't taken the injections was outed publicly? For a while in 2021, any sports player who hadn't taken it was barred from playing, barred from practice, even barred from working out at the gym to stay in shape. And they were publicly shamed on CNN and other major sites for not taking it. But now, we have to keep vaccine status private? LOL

The tackle before he fell over wasn't anything unusual. Every football player through that same thing dozens of times every game (and practice). It may have got his blood pumping a bit, but he didn't take a sharp blow to the chest. Hundreds of games per season are played in the NFL. Dozens of seasons have been played. Players dropping dead from heart issues has never happened until recently. I really don't see it having anything to do with the tackle. Remember, they wear protective padding over their chests. It would take a bullet to the center of the chest to do anything to a player's heart major enough to stop it. It has happened a few times through history, when a player took a puck or baseball at 100 miles per hour (literally), without padding. For a padded football player to drop dead after a normal tackle is very suspect.

Bring up these facts on mainstream social media and you'll be mobbed, censored, and hated forever. Say "it wasn't the vaccine" and you're a hero. Extremely dubious.

Don't forget, the stadiums announced in 2021 that all spectators must be fully vaccinated to watch games. And almost every player is vaccinated:

"There is no vaccine mandate for NFL players, but the league reported that about 95 percent of the players and nearly 100 percent of team personnel were vaccinated. The league mandated that if a game could not be played due to an outbreak among unvaccinated players and could not be rescheduled during the season, the team with the outbreak would be credited with a loss in a forfeit. On top of that, no players -- from either team -- would be paid for the canceled game. The team with the outbreak would then have to cover financial losses and be subject to possible discipline from the league." - source

Was he jabbed? Almost certainly, yes. He would have been outed publicly long ago for being an "antivaxxer" if he wasn't. And now that he died (or brain damaged from lack of oxygen while his heart was stopped for several minutes) suddenly on the field, they would have come out and said "he's not vaccinated" to end speculation, if that were the case. But they haven't done so. He was jabbed.

Was it the mRNA injections that did it? Sure seems that way. We know (from official data) they cause myocarditis, pericarditis, arrhythmia, heart failure, and cardiac arrest. What was a "conspiracy theory" in 2021 became hard fact that was impossible to deny in 2022. Pfizer and Moderna have had to admit that over the past year. They claim it's rare, but they no longer claim it doesn't happen. So this could definitely be because of the injections he took, which probably include recent boosters. There's almost no other explanation for it, so it should at least be investigated. But it has already been declared impossible, and any concerns - which are absolutely justified - have been shut down.

Remember, the infection and the injection are the same - they both give you spike proteins.

And we know the toxic spike proteins are the cause of Covid-19 symptoms, including myocarditis, pericarditis, arrhythmia, and cardiac arrest.

The spike proteins your body generates when injected with the mRNA "vaccine" are the cause of Covid-19 symptoms, including sudden death.

Are the mRNA shots what felled Hamlin? Or did a routine football game destroy this healthy 24 year old athlete in his prime? We may never be told the truth, but one thing is certain: If you even consider the first possibility out loud, you will be muzzled immediately. That is insightful for any person who thinks critically.

My condolences to the young man's family. Perhaps something can be learned from this tragic loss.




The article goes on to say that football is just dangerous, so this heart stopping during a game was perfectly normal.

sure... of course it is... it happens all the time or something... right?

It does now! They are normalizing illness, which apparently can strike any of us at any moment, even in the prime of our lives, for no reason at all. So be afraid! Very afraid! That won't make you sick at all.

they can't discuss Hamlin's vaccine status for "privacy reasons". But remember a year ago, when any professional athlete who hadn't taken the injections was outed publicly?

Indeed I do. I remember the witch-hunt very well and how the media tried to turn the public against these people. It wasn't much of a privacy issue then now was it?