Vaccine Passports Have No Place In Our Society

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▶️ This film is about vaccine passports and how they are being used. How they've already affected people's lives and jobs. - The Muze

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They absolutely don't!!
Omicron is a dud. Covid is endemic. The passports did not work, and will not work.

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Time to end all the restrictions as soon as possible. Life must resume. Too many people are suffering from these lockdowns, closures, masks, mandates, etc. The threat has passed and the vaccines are only making things worse.

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I subscribe to a couple of Telegram channels that show the protests against vaccine passports from all around the world and it brings me great joy that this is happening even though the media does not focus on it at all.

The report is VIP. This work is brilliant

Being part of a study... is still a very gentle expression for Genocide!
"No", "not" & "never" creates the opposite in this matrix.
Leave the "no" in the title & you see what they created, even though their
intention is overstood...
Alternatives: "Forget about Vaxx Passports..." or "F... Off Vaxx Passport" 😜 or
"Vaxx Passports = Divide & Conquer"...
Create and avoid denial...
Late Happy New Year @drutter 🤛

I find it hard to still believe in those vaccines perhaps it's only me though

Thank you for this informative video, the govt is always and will always be too powerful. I just hope they realize that some lines are never meant to be crossed, and these is one of those LINES!!!

indeed they don't!

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