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RE: The World War 3 GENERATIONS... You are living in it.

In many ways, you echo something I have long believed to be likely: WWIII would not be about bombs and explosions and guns and flag waving... but a war for control of the narratives and influences, independently of people's nationalities and locations. It seems to me that the new "nations" have less to do with geography than with affiliations.

Sure, there might always be struggles for resources, but the nature of what we consider "resources" is changing... people's brains become more and more important while their brawn fades into the background as increasingly irrelevant. Or maybe not irrelevant, but people's willingness to "fight for something" is perhaps — in the functional sense — determined more by Dunbar's Number than by borders and flags.

Perhaps the only thing we can do is to be AWAKE and BRAVE enough to simply point out when the proverbial "Emperor" is wearing no clothes.

Interesting article; pause for thought — thank you!


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Good reply. I tend to just post what pops in my head that I can tell I need to write. :)

A lot of questions. A lot of different possible explanations and ideas.