CDC Admits vax doesn’t prevent transmission

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This seems like a huge game changing admission to me. The entire argument for forcing a person to take this vaccine is that it has to be done to protect others, but it doesn’t protect others. I would argue that it doesn’t protect anyone. Now, The Science of the CDC says of the vaccines, “none has proven reliable at preventing transmission” How can any person or government continue to justify vaccine mandates? Will they back off or continue to push forward in light of this “new” revelation? Will this “science” change any one’s mind, or are people unwilling to consider this information?

Vaccines have been quite effective at preventing cases of COVID-19 that lead to severe illness and death, but none has proved reliable at blocking transmission of the virus, Jones noted. Recent evidence has also made clear that the immunity provided by vaccines can wane in a matter of months. The result is that even if vaccination were universal, the coronavirus would probably continue to spread.

This is a quote from Mark Twain’s 1906 “What Is Man?”

We are always hearing of people who are around seeking after Truth. I have never seen a (permanent) specimen. I think he has never lived. But I have seen several entirely sincere people who thought they were (permanent) Seekers after Truth. They sought diligently, persistently, carefully, cautiously, profoundly, with perfect honesty and nicely adjusted judgment—until they believed that without doubt or question they had found the Truth. That was the end of the search. The man spent the rest of his life hunting up shingles wherewith to protect his Truth from the weather.



Of course it isn't going to change anything. This has become political and once that happens a "solution" stops being anything that anyone is concerned about. It just becomes "us vs. them" instead of "us against the problem."