What If I Told You That Electricity Is Not Electrons Moving?

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Wrong Science written on chalk board

Modern Materialistic Science books say that electrical current is caused by the flow of electrons.

It is in every children's science book, with happy electrons moving

This is so well known that nobody questions it...

... except for everyone who actually works with electricity.

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Electricity does not run through the core of copper wire.
There is no electric flow measured there.

Some say it runs on the outside layer of the wire.
Others say it exist in between the wires that are completing the loop.

What i can say is that power companies spent a lot of money on researching the best configuration of wires on very high voltage towers. The positioning of wires near each other is not willy nilly. Look at this high voltage tower, why are the six wires held in almost a circle? If it was just about putting up wires, the highest bar would be the longest, and the bottom one the shortest, so you could just hang the cables up to their attachment point without running into any lower wires.

The other piece you might want to know is that electric flow in these wires push them away from each other. As if, the electricity is really inside the space in between the wires.

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Soooo, if electricity is the flow of electrons, how do radios work?

Does millions of electrons flow through the air from transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna?
Or is the electro-magnetic field (radio waves) something completely separate from electricity?
If so, then we would have two different "electricities" that can effect each other.

This could be. That the EM field is not electricity... but it is far easier to look at these as the same (because they follow the same laws) and that the idea of electrons moving is bunk.

- - - - - - -

However, there are many other problems with our theories.

Like, a charged battery weighs more than a discharged battery.
They say this is because it loses electrons.
And a battery just sitting on a shelf will slowly lose charge. Are electrons leaking out all over the floor?

When working with capacitors, especially really big capacitors, you ASSUME they are charged.
Even if you discharged just a little bit ago, because they WILL spontaneously charge.
Soooo, if it was electrons on one plate and not on the other... how did they spontaneously move where there is no connection between the two plates?

And how does a Faraday cage work?
If it is the flow of electrons, why would a cage stop the flow?
Nope, electrons do not want to go inside...

- - - - - - -

The theory that electric flow is the movement of electrons is quite laughable.
The kind of thing that satisfies a 7 year old.
But we have fully grown scientists who still teach this.

We really need a lot more experimentation in this area. And many new theories.

The better theories that electric flow is a mode of the aether... but that means that not only does the moving electron theory have to be thrown out, but also the Michelson-Morley Experiment was bunk (which it is)

One last thing to puzzle your noodle. Vacuum tubes work by heating the end of a coil inside a vacuum. When charged and heated, an electron cloud forms, and this electron cloud can be guided with wave guides towards the anode. And, in an old television, the anode was set just behind layers of phosphorous that would glow RGB... the impact of the electrons exciting them, so that you could see the television picture.

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What If I Told You That Electricity Is Not Electrons Moving?

ofc it is not 😁

but materialistic science still has some major problems with it :D

Interesting article!
Thank you for bringing up the science topic in the hive!
Here's what I want to add in addition:
(besides the fact that physically the movement of particles, which we call electrons inside the crystal lattice of the conductor, provably occurs)

What they teach is pretty much all they can understand. It's jus a mite to complicated for most people to grasp except for us nerds interesting in particle physics1

Can't live with it can't live meow it.

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