The Future Path Is Not Linear. This not a repeat of Rome. A peak at coming tech!

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The Future Path is not Linear

Many people are using the past and comparing it to our present to extrapolate a future.

Like comparing the fall of Rome to the fall of The US.
And, to be sure, there are lots and lots of parallels.

However, this time is different.
In many ways, we are rehashing the same things,
but in other ways, we are on a completely different track.

Cryptos is an obvious deviation.
While the govern-cement is debasing its money/currency (both Rome and The US)
we have a completely new, non-debaseable, deflationary currency running in tandem.

This is something completely new.
Something we have never had before.
We have always been at the mercy of govern-cements/banks
but not this time

And there are other things that are emerging that will completely change our future trajectory.

- - - - - - -


The Powers That shouldn't Be think they have all the power locked up.

They control all the power generation stations, they control the oil, they think they are in power.
However, this is quickly coming to an end.

Home based solar power systems are a glimpse into our future.

Soon there will be other, small community sized, continuous, green energy sources.
Such as geothermal. (just drill a deep well, and power for hundreds of years.)

And then will come magnetic motors. When it is finally shown the geometry that works, it will be everywhere. Anyone can build one.

However, real free energy devices will have to wait until no one on earth would use them for war.

This will allow for communities to be built just about anywhere. No concern about power lines.
And no concern about monopolistic corporate/govern-cement entities trying to control you and rob you.

- - - - - - -


Desalination of sea water will become easy.

One way is to make nano-particles. These particles will grab onto ions (the pieces of salts)
and then, because each particle is also magnetic, you can then pull all the salts out of the water with a magnet.
Producing fresh water in an almost continuous process on demand.

Then we will start understanding how water moves through the air.
Like rivers in the sky, they can be directed from places where you can evaporate water, to places that need water.
Trees do this all the time. We just need to learn to work with the trees and the planet.

So, water will not be the scarce resource that govern-cement keeps trying to make it out to be.
And their plans to commoditize water and sell it to the highest bidder will fall flat.

Again this frees a community to be build in all kinds of places, where they have been constrained to natural water sources in the past.

- - - - - - -


One of the things most people overlook with Tesla's tower is that it would also provide communication to every corner of the planet.

And as the old science paradigm falls away, inventors will see how they can use the aether to communicate.

It is actually quite easy... after you unlearn all the crap that is taught in college today, and then start to understand the true structure of the universe. Why do everything in the brute force method (energy falling off at the cube of the distance) when you can let the information flow easily along the channels that are already there. (faster than light)

So, again, we will be able to make communities in places that have fertile soil and good solar attributes and forget about the constraints of the past, like having to be near existing infrastructure.

- - - - - - -

So, as TPTshouldn'tB try to enforce more and more control
they will find that they are more and more powerless.

Georgia  Guidestones Destruction

People will begin to migrate together with like minded people and form small communities.
And these communities will not rely on the power grid that TPTshouldn'tB have put in place to control them.

This post is just to add to your ideas of what is happening.
Yes, they are trying to crash the system and implement even more control.
However, as i have shown here, we will have new paths that become impossible to stop.

This is not Rome 2.0

- - - - - - -

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