Unusual clots seen in dead bodies: Alabama embalmer

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According to Richard Hirschman, an Alabama funeral director and embalmer with over 20 years of experience, starting in January of 2021 he had started seeing corpses who had extensive blood clots in their vessels. As his job required him to remove their blood he had to extract these clots and they were more extensive and dense than anything he could remember.

The presence of this phenomena has been part of his experience ever since. According to him, all his embalmer colleagues he had spoken with about this new phenomena have observed it too, the same way he did.

January 2021 is also the time COVID vaccination has started in his state. Is this a pure coincidence? In theory, that is possible; in practical terms, highly unlikely.

In addition, it looks like the mainstream media or governmental research agencies (NIH, CDC, FDA) wouldn't touch this story with a ten foot pole. And that alone is typically an indication that the cause behind this is indeed a vaccine side effect.


Over half the deaths seen by this funeral director were likely caused by the COVID vaccines
Steve Kirsch, 7 February 2022

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This is considered as after Covid side effect; however, who knows, vaccine might also cause the blood cloth.

Since this particular phenomena popped up in January 2021 and apparently was not observed prior to that, vaccines are a more likely culprit. COVID does cause clotting sometimes, same for many other conditions - but those clots are apparently "regular" clots - not as large or dense. That is my understanding.

There were widespread reports that COVID19 causes blood clotting. This article says that virus appears to be triggering an autoimmune antibody which regulates clotting.

If doctors were seeing unusual clotting in COVID19 patients before the vaccine; then I would contend that the virus was the most likely source of the unusual clotting seen by morticians.

But it is possible that the vaccine causes the same immune response. After all, a vaccine is designed to trigger an immune response.

The problem we have in talking about the issue is that the medical establishment has suppressed observational studies that would help clarify issues like this.

BTW, Vitamin K helps regulate blood clotting. A good observational study would need to examine things like vitamin levels. But the medical establishment is not publishing such records.

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