40% increase in deaths among those 18-64 years of age: insurance CEO

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Global daily COVID deaths - 7-day moving average
Worldometer, 12 April 2022

US daily COVID deaths - 7-day moving average
Worldometer, 12 April 2022

Indiana daily COVID deaths - 7-day moving average
Worldometer, 12 April 2022

In the last week of 2021 Scott Davison, the CEO of a large insurance company named One America had stated that the death rate of his clients aged 18-64, most of whom had life insurance through employer-provided group policies, experienced a death rate 40% above the pre-pandemic levels during quarters 3 and 4 of 2021. The cause for that truly unprecedented increase was unclear.

Initially, my response was along the lines of, no way. Subsequent research had indicated that yes, Davison does exist, so does the business of which he is CEO, and he most likely did indeed say what he is alleged to have said as no denial was ever issued. So, what do we make of that?

As graphs above indicate, the last two quarters of 2021 were by far not the worst in terms of COVID deaths - neither globally, not across the US, not in the state of Indiana where One America is headquartered and does a large proportion of its business. Another point that Davison had made - and that was never disputed to the best of my knowledge - is that the same pattern is backed by both the hospital data and that observed by the insurance industry elsewhere. A similar pattern is backed by assertions of some insurance professionals elsewhere - in Germany, for example. So, while direct COVID mortality is likely not the cause, one may wish to consider the following fact: the second half of 2021 was when the COVID vaccination campaign had picked up steam and if they were a factor, that would have been when that factor would have kicked in. And it may well be - a study by none other than CDC indicates as much.

No conclusive analysis of this situation exists at this point, best I can tell. But the lack of acknowledgement and very vocal discussion and aggressive study of these facts speaks volumes.


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Archived 12 April 2022


One America Financial Partners, Inc.

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As I wrote in your previous post, we don't know what happened, how it went in the test phases of the vaccines.

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death is certain and the range of age for death is expected. Young and old both are in this range. Does vaccination for covid really works? I doubt after seeing death ratio news.

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