Another “original” idea from Mark Zuckerberg

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Another non-"original" ideal from Mark Zuckerberg


According to Mark Zuckerberg the METAVERSE is something that will revolutionize the way we connect with other people as this presented the project of a digital environment or at least that is what he wants his investors to believe, because even before the introduction literally in the first second this text of release of liability appears in small print.


Which basically says do not believe what we are going to show you because they could be things that we invented so that Facebook does not devalue after so many scandals, we also do not promise to meet expectations because most likely we will not do anything that we are about to show.


Metaverse is the combination of meta which in Greek means "beyond" and universe that is a universe beyond, this may surprise you but the word is not an original idea by Mark Zuckerberg, (I know it is super strange if Mark produces pure ideas original, I said produce I meant buy, steal) the term was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash to describe the common space where virtual reality environments inhabit computer-generated three-dimensional spaces where users can explore and interact by means of equipment such as glasses and manual controls that complement an immersive experience, that is, you feel that you are inside that virtual place.

By the way the writer after the presentation said that he does not want to have anything to do with the zuckerberg project that is not a surprise since in his novel the metaverse was precisely an open source virtual world where people escaped from the horrible dystopia From reality, it was not centralized or controlled by a single corporation, it was a world built by people where they went to escape for a moment from the horrors produced by large corporations.


Zuckerberg not only appropriates the word and the concept but also twists it and the usefulness to ensure the survival of Facebook upon the arrival of some disruptive technology that changes the balance of powers of big technology and speaking of virtual reality is precisely what that Mark zuckerberg shows in his presentation as a future project that could become a reality with the work of us, who more expected than Mark to hire digital artists to build a virtual world for a salary; He emphasizes in several moments of the presentation that those who are going to build the environments and the avatars in their meta verses will be the users as well as now it is the users who create the filters for instagram and basically all the content for free labor that That sounds attractive if you are an investor.

And this is precisely what Zuckerberg wants with this presentation to convince people who invest in Facebook that there is indeed a future after Facebook, which is a brand that is increasingly tainted by revelations, about its non-existent ethics and its reluctance to fix problems that they, according to statements by former employees, were well aware that existed and decided not to repair despite having the tools, practices that harm the mental health of adolescents, obviously through the proliferation of groups that encourage hatred and other things.

In summary, this presentation and its new mother brand Meta is an attempt to turn the page of everything that has been discovered on facebook and incidentally appropriate the name METAVERSO and give visibility to its competitors if virtual reality can one day take off as a mass media.


well if the meme response to this announcement is any reflection of what the general public feels about the rebranding of FB it isn't going to work out well for them. I am loving the mass exodus away from FB that has been happening in the past couple of years. I hope it continues.

that's correct, personally I never liked FB, I never went out because I was never there, greetings ..