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RE: Basically any story talking about Parler or Gab right now is biased and dumb

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I had no intention of ever using Parler because I hated Twitter and never really understood why anyone used it... but what you said above about how we wouldn't even know about it if not for the controversy surrounding it, I think, is absolutely true.

Diversifying the marketplace is a win/win in my mind as well. Now if we could just convince a few of those people to come over here... right?

I don't know who was responsible but there were a few kind of big names that joined us on that "other" site that we spawned from, but their posts were just reposts of what they were doing on IG and FB and I suppose that is fine - if only a few of them would get over here I think it could be great for HIVE.


The onboarding process is too difficult on Hive for the average user. It has taken me a ton of effort just trying to get people through the signup process for Signal or Telegram and well, if they can't handle that, there is no chance they are going to use posting and active keys properly, or even understand what they are.

The onboarding process is too difficult on Hive for the average user

Tell me about it. I basically had to walk my few real life friends on here through the process by their hands. When the received the keys they were like "whoa dude, I'm not gonna remember these!"

That's kind of the point... save them somewhere safe... I can see my auties and uncles attempting to write the keys down on a piece of paper... smh