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RE: PET PEEVE: TLDR, You said too much, I'm not going to read that but I will still comment

in Informationwar4 months ago

I pretty much always laugh at the TLDR comments made by people, why even bother commenting if you are going to tell the person you didn't read it? makes no sense to me. I sometimes have to go back and re-read things I just read just to formulate a comment sometimes.

"You just used a lot of words to convey very little meaning"

I think when people use that they just don't want to read the response because they may be wrong in their view. (quote from previous post).

I like the longer form get the brain thinking post or the eyes seeing post. For short form twitter type post there is Dbuzz for people to use on Hive when they really don't have a lot to say.


Exactly. Thanks again for the inspiration.