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RE: Isn't it a little scary how we take what the "authorities" tell us for granted as being the truth even in the face of catching them frequently in lies... Can we break the conditioning?

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yes of course plants grow better BUT what if there are no plants and just concrete or barren soil left? This is the problem. Deforestation, soil erosion and pollution are the things we should be focussing on. CO2 is just a money making scam again, to make a few people rich, nothing to do with 'saving the planet'. In fact it always makes me laugh when they shout about saving the planet. The planet will recover it us that need to change or we will not survive.

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Deforestation is indeed at the heart of a lot of this. Reversing that process would quickly and naturally put that CO2 into good use.

exactly and did you know they actually pump CO2 into massive greenhouses growing food like the big glass city in southern Spain. The working conditions are horrendous in there so they ship immigrants from Africa to work inside them.

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Yeah that's why I mentioned CO2 in greenhouses causing the plants to grow better in the post.

Right, that one fact kind of exposes their agenda which is not to save the planet, which survives better with more CO2 but to save mankind who destroy whereever they go. edit-or rather 'civilization' than mankind maybe.

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