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RE: Quick follow-up and update to "Where did the flu go?"

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This is not the first time they have done this either. they make new 'diseases' out of old ones all the time especially to cover up the vaccine damages.

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In your article you mention the DTP vaccine drives. P in that vaccine is for Pertussis not Polio. Why do I know? My first child had a negative reaction to that particular vaccine MANY years ago. They had me change what I gave them. That was almost 30 years ago so before I was wary of vaccines. I did read the inserts but I was young. 24 I think.

Nope in uk DTP it stands for polio in Dtap (USA) it stands for pertussis
It's hard to find now but here's proof weirdly the NHS logo does not show up in my screenshots, tried 3 times.


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Weird... Yeah in the U.S. it was the same except for the Polio being replaced by Petussis.

In uk the DPT is mostly used as a booster for 'tetanus' and yes my son also had a nasty reaction to it and it wasn't even injected and i was told it was just diptheria. My unvaxd daughter then was given it in ER for an injury without my presence or consent and she also became asthmatic. It's a nasty one.

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