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RE: DIFFERENT: Giant humanoids have been legends for awhile, and Smithsonian and others have been alleged to be covering up... Ecuador goes public.

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I like spacebusters for stuff like this, they do all the ground work for you. I think the bit about giants is in this episode

One of your commenters mentioned the oxygen content being much higher which would explain bigger everything.

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Yes the Oxygen content is why we are told Dinosaurs were able to grow to be as big as they were. Though the carbon dating of some of these puts them potentially into a time period where the Oxygen content is not found to be that large.

It is kind of interesting they are fighting CO2 which plants need and thus greens the planet and by extension generates more oxygen.

They give us the image of a brown planet due to it being fried by runaway greenhouse effect due to CO2 when historically there have been times with higher levels. What they are doing can actually increase the brownness.

If the CO2 increases we actually could be higher and find it very beneficial. Of course anything can go too far but we are far from that an the narrative they are pushing is a lie.

Yes it sure is a big fat lie. You know they pump carbon dioxide INTO commercial greenhouses to make the crops grow better. Why do so few see that connection? Maybe they just want to monetize the air. They will try to make money out of EVERYTHING these fuckers. The problem is they are cutting down trees left right and centre which would make the carbon dioxide increase because it's not being converted to oxygen by the plants. We just need more trees.

If they succeed in reversing global warming at a time when we could use some global warming I'd expect ice sheets to grow and seas to lower. Think of all of that nice beach front property. :)

Look how many of these people getting rich off of the narrative of global warming (now climate change) that were warning of massive increase in sea level are now purchasing beach front homes. They are still pushing that narrative though.

Yes I did notice the beach front properties ruse, it was basically what made me start thinking it was a scam. That and the melting icecaps that weren't melting.

People have such short term memories. None of their predictions have come remotely true and for many of them the deadline has passed. Yet they keep moving the goal posts and saying it is worse.

Why? Short term memories. The propaganda works. Fear controls people.

yeh except us old folks who remember everything. I think thats why they're trying to kill us all off.

It could be.

I have queued up the video and will check it out here in a moment.