Propaganda Commenced the 2020 Population Cull, Using A Power Grab Started in the 1970's


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Propaganda Commenced the 2020 Population Cull, societal collapse & power grab started in the 1970's - DsGD9us7bEA

An Astoninishing Segment from ABC News Australia where the intrepid Australian reporter hold an interview with sitting members of the Club of Rome (including the Founder of the Club of Rome).

The program "World One" isn't meant to be exact, it creates future predictions based on observations gleaned from current statistical analysis and data collection.

The interpretation of data and analysis of it is able to control the world - affect the life of every person in the world, affect & constrain them to a nefarious global agenda where the individual feels targeted. To create a society that can rapidly expand, or globaize, full of atomized individuals who are feeling targeted. As to whether they are not is a matter of whats in their head and how their mind facilitates a belief in being targeted individually, or potentially being targeted individually at some indeterminate point in the future.

  • Doing something positive about the problem of Population Control

  • The world's problems cannot be solved by individual nations and their governments;

  1. The Club of Rome - comprises of around 70 men.
  2. Bataille Institute, Geneva (sp?)
  3. Founder of the Club of Rome
  4. Director of the World Bank and the United Nations' OECD

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