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Think of it like a public Facebook Group, but it's on the blockchain so the community owns its own data, and the blockchain offers rewards for any discussions that the stakeholders find to be valuable.

Nice description! I didn't know what communities were until reading this. Seems like a good idea to help connect people with content they care about. Also reminds me of a subreddit perhaps. Will see how it evolves.

nice to see people in US working to build strong cooperation within certain areas. This could help regulators see the importance of relaxing rules for free growth.

"I have been playing around with different blockchain technologies since 2015, and for the first couple years I imposed a requirement on myself not to risk any of my own money while I was learning the technologies. So I can definitely relate to wariness of the technology. As described above, one of the best zero-cost ways that I have found to gain hands-on experience with blockchain technology is through the Steem blockchain."

  • Great point!

Thanks! Yeah, we don't talk about that much, but I think it should be a great selling point for technical people who don't have much blockchain/crypto experience.

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