Apple Event Today - New iPhones and Apple Watch Expected

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Its that time of year again when Apple holds their annual event announcing brand-spanking-new iPhone models. I always tell people here not to buy any new Apple products beginning in August, as upgraded tech is just around the corner. Since I'm a hard-core Apple fanboy, I stay on top of all of the expected new product release dates so that I can be among the first to know about the latest devices.

It always surprising that the (non-techie) "Muggles" have no idea that the Apple event was due this week. What? You mean to tell me that there are actually people out there that don't scan the tech sites on a daily basis? Poppycock! (I love that word!). Anyway, it's our job to keep the great unwashed aware of announcements in the world of technology.

With the advent of the pandemic, Apple has been filming their "Stevenotes" without a crowd, but have lately been using outdoor sites in order to be safe. The Steve Jobs Theater may or may not be used as it was intended, and I can't wait until things return to normal.

The September Apple Event is usually the launchpad for the latest iPhone, and this year it will be iPhone 14. The other main attraction is the Apple Watch, which will be in its 8th iteration. Rumor sites expect a, Apple Watch Pro version, which will be more rugged and offer extra features. But no one really knows until Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage and unwraps the goodies.

The September Apple Event will kickoff at 1 PM ET (ET = "Eastern Time" which is New York city time for those of you not stateside). Don't ask me about that UT mess because like the hated foreign metric system, I don't understand it. So just stick with Eastern Time.

You can view the livestream of the Apple Event here. I suggest getting there early and be prepared to switch browsers if necessary in case an issue with streaming develops. 1 Pm Eastern Time is 10 AM Pacific Time (PT) in Cupertino, California where the Apple Event will be held. See you there! :)

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