Domain Renewal: The Difficulty - PayPal, And The Commercial Bank


The fact that a reputable company like will have one of their payment methods not working for days should be added to the 8th wonders of Web3.


I have a friend and brother who's into website design, hosting and management as a side gig after he went into international education processing full-time. As a result, he still makes out time to assist the clients whom he built their websites.

The Problem

Some of the clients whose domain names has expired contacted him to assist in renewable and extending of the domain service. Despite how busy he's been, he accepted the request, and was already working on it before domain service acknowledged that their card processing platform wasn't working.

Believing that it was likely a minor glitch, he decided to wait without knowing that a few minutes will turn to hours and later, days. To simplify the process for him, asked that payment be made using PayPal.

On getting to PayPal, he realised that he's been under ban on PayPal. That's where my legs were dragged into what still confuses me till tomorrow.

In order not to lose the domains, he contacted me to know if I could assist with that PayPal payment. Well PayPal hasn't banned me yet, all I needed was my new identifying number to replace the expired ATM card attached.

Former card successfully removed but...

... Attaching a new card is another story to write about. Cutting it short, I couldn't attach a new one and was referred to my financial institution.

I have contacted them here.

The Big Question?

While as a company has reasons for sticking to a few payment methods, I wonder what stops them from embracing crypto payment methods. What do you think about the whole difficulty?