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It's a bear 🐻 market... What are the coins you buying? 😊

Mostly BTC


Hi! Greetings to you!

Did/does being involved in a flag war influence your motivation for creating content on Hive?

Any toughts on improving downvote system?

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Did/does being involved in a flag war influence your motivation for creating content on Hive?

A flag war would imply I am flagging back. I am not, I am being flaged as well as anything else I upvote.

Any toughts on improving downvote system?

Seems to work pretty good, sure there are man children like @transisto who use it maliciously, but 90% of the time they are legimate. Most people don't even downvote.

What would improve it would be more people using them organically.

Implying symetrical exchange wasn't my intend here. Thanks for sharing.

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When is the exact date for the next Hive hard fork? RC delegation has been teased for a while now and it seems like it keeps getting pushed back? Is it something that's going to happen or is it too difficult and has been sidelined?

I don’t think it is public yet. You can see some updates in @blocktraades latest post. As far as I know RC Pools is going to make it in this hard fork.

Merge in RC cost rationalization code (there is a small possibility this change doesn’t get into the HF if we encounter too many issues in the next couple of days).

Is this something to do with RC delegation? If so, I'm getting worried...

I believe he is referring to the changes to custom json costs and other resource credit changes. Resourse credits were implemented in a minimum viable product back on Steem but never re-addressed. The problem is it doesn't scale, it mostly affects low HP users, and that's it. Right now we have 2-4M custom json ops per day, this accounts for around 23-50 ops per second. This is a big chunk of the current daily ops. So re-evaluating their RC costs first is a good start.

As for RC Pools, last I spoke of it it was good to go in this hard fork, I haven't asked about it recently so I am not 100% sure.

That being said, RC are not consensus, so they do not need a hard fork for RC pools to be implemented.

do you think BTC might go as low as 10k ?

No clue. Anything can happen.