Guide on Electro-pneumatic Circuit: Discussion and Simulation using the Logic Module


These are collection of articles that explains and demonstrate the electro-pneumatic circuits that uses logic controller.

For starter, check out these collection before going through the blogs on electro-pneumatic circuit with logic controllers.

The blog explains the basic logic function that we can used in our logic modules.


Overview: Introduction to Logic Module

We describe the fundamental logical gates that can be used in our logic modules. There are at least eight logic gates discussed. We also go over how we can use logic gates in our logic modules. Using the programmable logic controller, we developed an equivalent circuit for the punching device (module). By mixing the basic logic gates, the logic module can be configured in a variety of ways.

The blog explains and present a simulation on how to create a basic automation circuit using the logic modules.


Overview: Automating with Logic Controller

Using a programmable logic controller, we built an automation circuit. Process automation necessitated the use of logic controllers capable of interpreting a variety of inputs ( relays contact, sensors). In this blog, we will build a circuit for an automatic washing system by utilizing a logic module (controller) that displays the configuration required to complete the given operation.

The blog explains and present a simulation on how to create a controller for multiple actuators using the logic modules.


Overview: Logic Controller for Multiple Actuators

We designed a circuit that allows a logic controller to control numerous actuators. We completed the assignment by merging various logical functions. We correctly positioned the sensors so that the circuit reaction mirrored the problem or circumstance. Overlapping signals cause the circuit to either not function or to function erroneously.

The blog explains and present a simulation on how to create a controller for that is time-dependent using the logic modules.


Overview: Time-dependent control with Logic Controller.

We built a simple automation circuit with time-dependent control. Using the logic controller, we designed a circuit for an automatic washing system with a timer. The logic controller coordinates the cylinder's response in relation to the timer. The timer confines a process to a certain time interval and causes it to terminate when the timer expires. Unless deliberately terminated via a stop button, the process in this blog is continuous.


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