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Hola a todos, me llamo Yoanka Perugorria Muriedas, tengo 48 años, vivo en la Habana (Cuba), soy madre de dos hermosos y maravillosos hijos y abuela de un nieto precioso. Estudié la Licenciatura en Citohistopatologia la cual la ejerzo en El Instituto de Medicina Legal en el Laboratorio de Patología Forense desde hace más de 13 años. Con la entrada de esta plataforma quiero compartir con ustedes sobre algunas técnicas histológicas que he ido perfeccionando y aprendiendo con los años.
Además del contenido académico y profesional, que les pudiera presentar, quisiera poder en un futuro cercano diversificar el contenido con otros temas, como por ejemplo de algunas vivencias que he tenido en mi vida personal.

Sé que me va a ser difícil integrarme en este mundo de las criptomonedas y la web 3.0 ya que con mi edad la tecnología me atropella un poco, pero creo que si pongo empeño lo lograre y más con la ayuda de mis hijos que están en este mundo al igual que mi yerno y mi nuera. Recibir recompensas por mis conocimientos me pareció muy atractivo totalmente diferente a lo más conocido. Realmente pierdo mucho tiempo en redes sociales convencionales y descubrir HIVE, creo que marcará un cambio total en mi forma de ver el internet.

Espero verlos pronto, un beso.

Hello everyone, my name is Yoanka Perugorria Muriedas, I am 48 years old, I live in Havana (Cuba), I am the mother of two beautiful and wonderful children and the grandmother of a precious grandson. I studied the Degree in Cytohistopathology which I have been practicing at the Institute of Legal Medicine in the Forensic Pathology Laboratory for more than 13 years. With the entry of this platform I want to share with you about some histological techniques that I have been perfecting and learning over the years. In addition to the academic and professional content that I could present to you, I would like to be able in the near future to diversify the content with other topics, such as some experiences that I have had in my personal life.

I know that it is going to be difficult for me to integrate into this world of cryptocurrencies and web 3.0 since at my age technology runs over me a bit, but I think that if I put in effort I will achieve it and more so with the help of my children who are in this world as well as my son-in-law and daughter-in-law. Receiving rewards for my knowledge seemed very attractive to me, totally different from what is best known. I really spend a lot of time on conventional social networks and discovering HIVE, I think it will mark a total change in the way I see the internet.

I hope to see you soon, a kiss.


Hola bienvenida.

Un madre luchadora, una madre que no cambiaría por nada de este mundo. Te amo

Bienvenida @yoankapm ! Que la motivación, la inspiración y la creatividad siempre te encuentren creando, para que puedas compartir tus historias al mundo a través de esta increíble plataforma. Éxitos 🙌

Bienvenida a Hive!

Saludos bienvenida bendiciones y exitos

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That is a really interesting degree you got there @yoankapm !
This is @proteancreator from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team, and I just want to say welcome to Hive and congratulations on your introduction post! I think you are a very interesting person and many Hivers are going to be super interested reading about what you do, including the histological techniques you mentioned!

However, in your intro, it would be nice to mention other details like:

  • When and where did you first hear about cryptocurrency?
  • Who introduced you to this platform? Mind mentioning the username?
  • What are your expectations in Hive?
  • What do you want this platform to expect from your content? 😊

You may tag me the @proteancreator or @ocd after you make some changes. I am looking forward to personally follow your content and read more of your interesting write-ups.

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