ChatGPT Wrote a Book About Hive

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Yesterday I posted about OpenAI's latest shared links feature for ChatGPT.

Let's give it a try. I had ChatGPT write a book about the Hive blockchain platform based on a book outline ChatGPT generated for the book description it was given. Here's the link for the whole process:

Image Source: ChatGPT

The book title (chosen by ChatGPT) is Hive: Empowering Decentralized Social Media. I have only had time today to skim the book after getting ChatGPT to generate it. It's more of a rough draft for a book that needs fact checked and expanded. The conclusion to each chapter tends to refer to things that will be covered in later chapters but aren't. That can be used as guidance for how to expand the book further.

Image Source: ChatGPT

Feel free to use the link and import it into your own chat history to interact with ChatGPT in its authorship of a book about Hive. A writer working full time could probably within a week build upon what ChatGPT generated and have a decent ebook to publish on Amazon.

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Wow! Crazy!

Are you going to be posting the different chapters?

Everything is in the shared link near the beginning of the post. Just keep scrolling down after going to the linked ChatGPT conversation.

In case you missed the link here it is again:

No I totally thought you're going to be posting it here... Lol not sure about trusting crazy artificial intelligence links...

And because of skynet as well as terminators! The machine war is real!

That's O.K. I don't plan on deleting the conversation so whenever you accept the glory of artificial intelligence bots into your heart you can check out the link later.😄

I'd rather watch uncle ruckus and white Jesus...

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