The belated introductory post of a distracted engineer

Hello Hive... again

I am an engineer, a passionate technologist, a petrolhead and a geek.

Sometimes I feel the urge of expressing my thoughts about cars, technologies and human beings – not necessarily in this order – and my brain is itching as these thoughts are circling. As I believe that moving things out of the mind by recording them externally can bring solace, in April 2012 I have started a page on Twitter.

While that has brought some comfort, sometimes I have found 140 characters to be limiting. That's why in 2017 I started a classic blog on Wordpress and then in 2020 I expanded to Hive in search of a broader audience and some experience in the blockchain.

This is not my first post on Hive, but it's the first time I am writing an introduction as I did not realize it could be useful (or necessary). Better late than never, I guess?

What I am here for

I like to describe and analyze news, events and aspects of everyday life that are influenced by technology and its deeper means, from an insider expert point of view. I am also planning on reviewing technology gadgets that trigger my curiosity.

If you find this interesting, feel free to follow me!



Always liked your posts...very insightful :)