PHILOSOPHY - What is the technological level of humanity really? Or are we dogs playing for treats?

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You have to consider whether or not humanity really is at an advanced technological level.

And hear what I mean: in order to decide what the true advancement level is of a society or civilization is, is to consider whether or not the average person is capable of replicating the technology that is being put into use, or whether or not the technology is readily available for the use of the majority of the people.

Because in that case then the true advancement level of the current civilization that is found on planet Earth is a lot less than what we think it is!

There is a massive amount of technology that simply is not available to the average person. This ranges from technological and Engineering feats of brilliance to miracles of medicine that are just too expensive for the average person to afford.

There's an inherent loss of understanding of our basic surroundings. Never mind that most of us do not understand how the smartphones and computers that we operate work and even if we did - we most definitely cannot replicate that technology.

When a person considers the historical advancement of technology we see that it is necessary for us to have larger villages and communities of specialists that each contributes to a village and bring it forward in terms of advancement and technology.

But today the corporate and capitalist mindset all over the world and the need to make billions of dollars and move goods from one country to another causes us to have a dependency upon people we will never meet and once there is a true catastrophe of any sort we are incapable of communicating with those people on our own.

You have to create for yourself a scenario in which you - a single person is isolated from others or if your local community is isolated away from the entire world.

How much of what you are dependent on is within arm's reach, less than a day's travel by your own means?

I would like to consider these possibilities and have a discussion as to what technological level we truly are on. Whether or not we are merely just cogs in a machine that are paid both with currency and production of people very far away and without whom we cannot survive.

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I fully agree with you; much of the technology is simply not available to ordinary people.

I think the level is advanced if we consider the human race, but at the same time I think this advanced level will be accessible to the masses much later than now... so basically it's like there was no certain technology for us mere mortals lol!


So without the co-ordination done by the rich and influential, the regular advancement level of the average human is... lacking.

I think it's a matter not only of wealth but also of power, unfortunately.
But the time will come when all this will change, sooner or later the masses will no longer want to suffer by remaining silent.

I always love how we think we're so advanced with technology, and somehow cleverer than generations past, but actually we have no idea how ANY of it works!

A fun game I like to imagine in my head is that I'm somehow sent back in time to the middle ages. My cellphone in my pocket has no signal... My bank cards are meaningless... They're looking at me like I'm some kind of wacky Wizard... Let's pretend I can speak the Shakespearean style of early-English enough that they get the concept that I'm from the future...

"Okay" they say "Show us how all these advanced things mankind has discovered in your time works"... Well damn, I can't make a phone or even a lightbulb... or a fridge or an oven...

I think my best chances are showing them some modern music (which they will probably think is crap), or to try make a rudimentary surfboard and show them that if I can find a decent wave nearby... or possibly modern BJJ grappling... but certainly not the stuff we think makes us more advanced than them... I contributed to none of that so I have no right to be so damn proud of it!

A similar scenario I also imagine is the far more likely scenario of a complete shutdown of the electrical infrastructure in South Africa. Eventually the grocery stores run out of petrol for the generators to keep food cold, and there's no electricity for them to even use their card machines to sell it to you... What do you even do for food? My usual answer is to try and eat the Guineafowl that we're so fond of... and then to cook it when the camping gas stove runs out? Despite all the knowledge in the world, we will essentially be cavemen again...

EXACTLY! Once transported to the past on your own, there is little you can do to recreate the technology of today.

Thus making you, at best, tech-reliant. But nothing indicates that the average man is advanced.

Instead there is a small amount of people with lots of money, employing a small amount of really smart people to drive stuff forwards.