For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction:How Isaac Newton's law taught me a great lesson about life(3rd law of motion)

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Isaac Newton's Law Of Motion


Hivers what'sup,can science actually create a kind of life lesson;Well yes if you would ask me....Isaac Newton made the 3rd law of motion which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Pondering a bit about this law made me realize that there is no void on can be only transferred,it cannot be created nor destroyed.....for example if you hit a wood with an axe....that is an action,and the reaction would be that the wood would be cut in half.

There is nothing like a waste in this universe,you either transfer it or it is transferred to you.....Now looking at this topic from the aspect of a person who has goals to achieve and tasks to perform,it will help that person to see the situation from another angle and make him realize the more that if he/she does anything.

Nothing will change in our lives unless we put in actions,if we lie down and sleep or expect a miracle to happen..then nothing will happen because there is nothing to give a reaction that you want.

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For example,you invest time in eating and the result or reaction is that you're no longer famished,you won't die,you have enough strength and it makes you healthy.....likewise not eating is also an action and will cause a reaction .... which are the opposite of the ones mentioned above....feeling weak,not healthy,death if prolonged,hunger.

The same way with words... speaking is an action and it would create a reaction in whoever you are saying it to.....that is why most researchers believe that what you say is what you are......this is true and because speaking is an action,then we are what we do

Our life is based on actions...a wise man once said "When we are young,we look like our parents,when we are older,we look like our decisions"....Begin making wise decisions and actions now so that you can reap the results (reaction) later.

Whatever stage you are in life,as long as you are alive and breathing your future depends on the actions you take take actions if you want to see reactions,reactions can only show up when someone takes an action that can produce them.

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Write down whatever reaction(goals) you want for this year and write down the actions that can produce this reactions(tasks) beside them.....Like the Bible also says "Do not be deceived,God is not mocked.For whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap"

I hope this was able to inspire even one person...

Thank you for reading this...God bless you


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