Virtual Reality and the Future

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I heard Apple has launched a new product for virtual reality and I have been wondering how gradually the world is changing. Physical interaction is becoming much les than it was years ago, and I understand that the home is beginning to become one of the safest places to be. My concern however is the mental health implications of this isolation.

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When you give a smile even to a baby, you get a smile in return, but it takes a really impressive content to get one to smile at his /her phone. Sometimes people even reply with ‘LOL’ but are definitely not laughing or even smiling.

When I was growing up, I never heard of suicide. Maybe people did commit suicide, it must have been minimal and children never heard of it. It’s alarming that even children these days are suicidal or having mental issues from depression. What in the world will a child be depressed about?

I grew up in a community where children played till late at night. Now people don’t stay out late because of the evil lurking in the dark. I’m concerned that many social interactions will be relegated to the internet, and more people will be lonely and depressed.

I assume most people will meet spouses online, without really getting to know them physically. They might even rush into marriage based on their social media compatibility, only to find out that they cannot live together. Imagine the divorce rate in the future. Grocery shopping too will be done online and delivered by drones probably.

I am happy for the time I spend meeting people, I hope people will still appreciate social gatherings in the future.

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