Wrinkled fingers underwater.

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We happen to observe many things in our daily life but never bothered to understand the causes behind them. It is important to know the logic behind and clear all our doubts. Like , we might have seen wrinkled fingers under water, but never tried to learn about. There is a reason behind everything and wrinkled fingers under water is one such occurence.

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Over exposure of our body parts like fingers into water may make it wrinkly. People may have different opinion regarding the wrinkled finger. Even some people belive, that the water caused skin to swell up and get puffy. They start to worry considering it to be a kind of disease. But as soon as you take out your fingers you will notice that sooner it get back to original shape and there are no wrinkles remain in our finger. There is a reason behind, many people knows the science behind it, and some call it act of the nature.

Nature always plays an important part in the well being of human being. And this wrinkled fingers is one such example. Wrinkled fingers allows us to hold slippery objects under water. It is the act of nervous system that allow contraction of blood tisses. We all know that anything kept under water, get slippery owing to water exposure. Now as we dip our fingers for longer times, the wrinkled fingers gives a stronger grip, which allow us to hold them properly. It is like treads on the tyre which makes firm grip on roads.

So next time, instead of worrying about your fingers just try to hold slippery objects and enjoy water. Science is magic, and this is what we learned today.

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