Where are we?

I have been thinking about how the world has been changing. My money buys less, social tension keeps building, there is no more middle, only the two opposite side. We all want to have something, probably more than we currently have. More importantly, where we want to end up.
I want:

  • To live in a world that is better than the current one.
  • To be in a stable place where I don't have to worry about...
    • Governments that only want more.
    • Laws that only help corporations.
    • Having the money to do what I want. (Which I admit may be nothing.)
  • To help make systems that promote autonomy and sovereignty.

There are a lot of ways that we can make the system worse. It happens all the time. We promise ourselves that we will do better. We have these grand visions, but we only want that. When what we really need is just to improve one piece of the system little by little until we find that small improvement and make the world a better place for everyone.

Where are you? Where are we? Hopefully you are working towards a little better. Seriously.

I would love your thoughts.



Good afternoon! Thank you for posting in my community! This is a question I am sure everyone is asking right now.

Where are you? Where are we? Hopefully you are working towards a little better. Seriously.

Good to see you with another post... I know you feel like so many others out there; we all want change, but so many seem to just think of the idea, rather than doing what will bring the change. I hope you are still treading water... Look forward to seeing another post from you! Consider adding some awesome to your blog page! If you need some help, remember we are at @theterminal...


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