Far past your truth

Today, I was thinking about truth.

How everything you tell me is a lie. No, I get it, you think that you are not lying to me. Well, it's not your fault. There is nothing you, or I, can do about it. It is a failure of how our minds and our languages work.

Have you heard the phrase "The truth, the whole truth and nothing else."? It is common to hear in court or television shows about court, at least in the media from the U.S. The matter is if some of what you know, understand, or say is false the whole matter is a lie. It gets worse, though, if you leave out even a part of the truth out that is also a lie, You didn't mean to but there it is. You lied by omission.

This is the real problem. You can't tell the entire truth no matter what you do. If you were to describe the taste of a sandwich. There are a million little details that you can only know and not describe. Sure you can describe the flavors, scent, texture, and mouth feel of it. Then you would be to write long, lurid details about the way it made you feel. You may, perhaps, capture the essence of this sandwich.

When you tell me about all of that, you still would not have conveyed the truth of this sandwich. You would have to find a way to pass your entire experience to me for it to approach the truth. Omit much? That would also fail the whole truth test.

Mako Hippopotamus

So, this is your reminder you are a liar and so am I. We need to be kind to liars. Realizing that you too are a liar. Help each other to speak more of the truth and accept the small lies.


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