My greatest fear and preparing for it.(Really scary)

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A few days ago my mum called me to tell me she was in pains. This was not the regular bone or muscle pain type of pain but I really could not determine the level of the pain. I prescribed some medications for her to help with the pain but she kept saying the pain killers were not really doing so much. I was sad about it.

I asked her a few questions about the pin but she tried her best to water it down. I was not convinced and so I had it in mind to pay her a visit.

I knew she wasn't telling me everything because I was preparing for an exam.

As soon as I was done with the exam, she broke down and I discovered she had shingles and the pain was so much.. This is a pain that affects the nerves.

She didn't tell me about the rash before my exam and I looked at it and my suspicion was right she had shingles.

For those who don't know shingles is a condition that occurs in people who had chicken pox as children. It reoccurs in the setting of old age, immunocompromised states and cancer. The pain is because it affects the nerves and regular pain medications wouldn't work.

I was so scared and so I told her to run some investigations and gave her some medications for neuropathic pain. The investigations came out to be okay and she was fit and it was just an old age thingy. She kept on complaining about the pain and presented to an emergency department.

I had to send her more money and she was able to get care in the hospital and went back home.

I got very bothered and spoke to @ebingo and I talked about how I was scared of health issues.

So one of my greatest fears, is being hit by a terminal disease say a cancer. First reason is the pain of being sick and second reason is the fund required to treat such an illness.

Have you ever thought of having a terminal illness or a family member having a terminal illness?

Have you ever thought of the cost of health care?

It was a scary thought I must say. I was happy I was able to attend to my mother's needs as I had saved for days where she would be sick as she is getting very old.

But what's the point of this post??


There is a very big need for an emergency fund and living without an emergency fund can be very frustrating when mishaps come your way.

Despite having an emergency fund, it was still painful spending it on health issue even if that was the purpose.

While talking to Ebingo, he shared one interesting statistics I am yet to confirm tho.

It says that;

in life your body must fail you at least once in a lifetime. If it doesn't fail you as a child, it might fail you as an adult but it is usually inevitable in old age.

Looking at it closely, I totally agree with it and the only thing to take from it is to take one's health seriously and prepare for the worse.

It's not easy to be fit or eat healthy but it is definitely worth it.

Another thing to worry about is having the financial abilities to help you when you fall sick.

Prepare your funds for the rainy days. It is better to be prepared than to be not prepared at all.

This was my thought for today and I hope it resonates with you.

Thank you for reading.


You are right emergency fund is required because will always fail us the only thing we don't know is when and this is where emergency fund comes in.
Nice one champ.
i hope your mum is in good conditions now

Emergency funds. First, I like how it sounds. Thank God your mom is fine now
It makes me happy that you were able to come through for her✨

Thank you for passing by

We always have to be mindful of things that can arise. Having some liquidity is always a good idea.

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I totally agree with having liquidity.

Sometimes I am happy about a lot of things I learnt on the hive blockchaim.

I learnt about money so well on this chain from the leofinance team..

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Emergency funding is always nice to have around. Even if not for disease for the "What if's" maybe an accident or something of the sort. Sorry about your mum, and I hope she makes a hearty recovery.